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How to Use - Fii Cloud Curler

  • Step 1

    ✧ Brush your hair.

  • Step 2

    ✧ Gather your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head.

    *As high as possible

  • Step 3

    ✧ Loop your ponytail into the curler and make sure that the curling rod is facing the front and ensure that you start at either ends of the curler before you start.

  • Step 4

    ✧ Bring your ponytail across the curler.

  • Step 5

    ✧ Loop your ponytail around the arch curler tightly and continue until the whole pony tail is wrapped up, with minimal ends sticking out. 

    *Ensure that only your ponytail is going in rounds, not the curler if not the bun will not turn out nicely done. 

  • Step 6

    ✧ Hold the hair curled around the curler arch down firmly and grab the other end of the cloud curler like you would any other hair tie or scrunchie with your other hand. 

  • Step 7

    ✧ Twist the entire cloud curler in the figure of eight

  • Step 8

    ✧ Then loop it over the curler with the curled hair to secure it into a comfortable bun at the crown of your head.

  • Step 9

    ✧ That's it! You're done and ready to go!

Still Having Touble?

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Some additional tips:

For more defined curls, we encourage for:

a. A curling cream to be applied onto dry hair before using the cloud curler. And when untied, to apply a fixing hair spray if you like your curls to last longer.

b. You to leave the Cloud Curler on overnight, especially if your hair type cannot hold curls as well. 

*The type of hair curls/waves created varies with hair types and texture or if you already have a hair perm done. 

How to Use A Scrunchie: Things You Need To Know

Scrunchies are those soft and stretchy hair ties that were all the rage in the 80s and 90s. Celebrities and personalities from Madonna, Janet Jackson, to Ruth Bader Ginsburg have been seen wearing scrunchies. They're different from regular hair ties because they're made with soft, stretchy materials that are okay for different hair types. Plus, they come in all sorts of fun colours and patterns, making them a fun and easy way to add a pop of personality to your hairstyle.

Scrunchies have made a resurgence in popularity, not only as a hair accessory for tying up hair but also as a tool for creating curls. Celebrities like Lizzo, and Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing scrunchies. The ease of use and versatility of scrunchies make them an excellent option for those seeking to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls. Let us talk about how to use scrunchies to maximise the potential for this hair accessory.

Advantage Of Properly Using Scrunchies

Learning about the advantages of properly using a hair scrunchie is essential when learning how to use scrunchies. Knowing these advantages will help you understand why people prefer using scrunchies, enabling you to utilise this hair accessory fully.


Unlike other hair accessories, scrunchies are gentle on your hair and scalp. This is because scrunchies are made out of fabrics that pamper your hair in a way. They can help prevent breakage and split ends, keeping your hair healthy.


Aside from a classic ponytail, other hairstyles are accessible once you learn to use scrunchies properly. Even a messy bun can look stylish with a scrunchie, adding personality to your whole fashion look. There are different scrunchie hairstyles that you can find on the internet.


Scrunchies are designed to be gentle on your hair as they are made of soft material. Fabrics such as cotton or silk are gentle on your hair and scalp. Learning proper methods in wearing a scrunchie prevents pulling and damage to your hair, making it more comfortable to use.


Once you get used to wearing and removing scrunchies, it's easier to style your ponytail, loose ponytail, or messy ponytail into something completely yours. Your skill in wearing a scrunchie will make it easier and faster to tie up your hair.


Tying Your Hair With A Scrunchie

The main motivation for the innovation of scrunchies is to have a gentle tie for hair. Having long hair means that you also need to keep it healthy and strong. Regular ties can damage hair by abrasion when you pull the hair accessory. Scrunchies can tie your hair into a top knot, a low bun, or even space buns.

  1. First, brush your hair and gather it up into a ponytail. You can decide whether to go for a high ponytail with your hair off your neck or a low ponytail for a more relaxed look.

  2. Next is to slide the scrunchie over your bundled-up hair. At this point, you'd notice that your scrunchie can give you a pop of colour or be what you need to complete your wardrobe. If you have different designs, this is where you can swap it out since the scrunchie isn't fastened and tightened yet.

  3. Secure the scrunchie around your hair. Make sure it's tight enough to keep your hair in place but not tight enough to feel uncomfortable. One advantage is that since they're gentle on your hair, you can go tighter than you usually would on other hair ties.

  4. The last part is to tie the two ends of the scrunchie together. If your scrunchie is long enough, tie it in a knot. If it isn't, just overlap the two ends and pull it tight.

In time, these steps will be so natural and easy for you that you can even start trying a scrunchie hairstyle to add more variety to your look. Feel free to try out different scrunchies of different designs.

Curling Your Hair

One more use for scrunchies is to curl hair. One of the reasons for the scrunchie's resurgence in the 2010s is that people loved curling their hair with it.

  1. Before curling your hair, you must wash and condition your hair as you would normally. Allow it to dry or blow dry your hair until it's slightly damp.

  2. Divide your hair into sections and wrap each section with the scrunchie. Repeat this process until all sections are wrapped. This also means that you need more than one scrunchie.

  3. Leave your scrunchie for several hours or overnight. The longer the scrunchies are left on your head and hair, the more defined the curls.

  4. Once you remove the scrunchies, make sure you don't comb or brush your hair, as this disrupts the curls. Separate the curls and fluff them with your fingers. You can also use light-hold hair spray to make the curls last longer.

Curling your hair with a scrunchie is better for long-term use as it won't damage your hair over time. Scrunchies are versatile, as they can create various curl patterns and styles. These bouncy curls don't come at the cost of your hair health and without using heat-based styling tools.

Alternative Ways To Use Scruncies

Aside from curling and tying your hair, scrunchies can also be worn and used in various ways. Accessories are always an avenue for people with creative minds to innovate and test the limitations of a product. Here are some alternative uses for scrunchies:

Wrist Accessory

This kind of accessory sometimes just happens by coincidence. When you use your scrunchie to tie your hair in the morning, chances are you remove it when it gets hotter at noon. Without any place to store it, you wrap it around your arm. Without knowing it, you've turned your hair accessory into a bracelet, adding a pop of colour to your outfit.

Bag Accessory

The fabric of scrunchies makes them blend and accent most things close to them. Especially for silk scrunchies, their texture can go well with bags. Tie up the scrunchies on the handles of your tote bag or purse, and you get a cute yet functional accessory.


You might think that a scrunchie is technically a headband, and yes, you're right. This is true, especially for a bow scrunchie when tying it on your head makes it look like you bought the scrunchie for the sole purpose of a headband. Simply wrap the scrunchie around your head, with the tail end tucked under the rest of the scrunchie for a secure fit.

Decorative Item

Just imagine you're in your office, and your work desk still lacks some of your personality. Maybe you wear scrunchies daily, but you always forget where you took them off. A quick answer to this is to take it off and make it a decorative item for your work desk.

Conclusion On How to Use A Scrunchie

Hair scrunchies are great for styling your hair, adding colour to a bubble ponytail, or simply acting as a hair tie; it can go either way. Having a set of different coloured scrunchies is great as you can say goodbye to more damaging hair ties, clips, and bobby pins.

Scrunchies are versatile whether you're looking to add a pop of colour to your outfit or secure your hair. There are many ways you can use a scrunchie. Who knows, you can innovate another unique and helpful way to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Use A Scrunchie

What Is The Purpose Of A Scrunchie?

A scrunchie is mainly a gentle way to tie hair together. The fabric that covers the elastic in a scrunchie reduces hair damage.

What Does Wearing A Scrunchie On Your Wrist Mean?

This is mainly as a wrist accessory, as scrunchies add a pop of colour that you can use to match different outfits. Some also use this to show that they're in a relationship. When some men wear scrunchies on their wrists, this can mean they're in a relationship with the scrunchie owner.

Should I Wash Scrunchies?

Yes, you should wash your scrunchies. Make a habit of washing your scrunchies at least once every two weeks to maintain quality.

Can I Wear Scrunchies On Wet Hair?

If you're using scrunchies to curl your hair, like a Cloud Curler, you should wear them while it is damp. Towel scrunchies are intended for wet hair as their sole purpose is for drying.