The Inspiration behind Fii

My alter-ego, a sloth, is the inspiration behind Fii Beauty. I love exploring new beauty products and trends, but I’m also too slothful to include a hundred and one products in my self-care routine. Hence, the creation of Fii - A one-stop solution to all your beauty needs. At Fii Beauty, we also believe that beauty is for all and not targeted only to a certain age, gender, or skin color.  

Even as we grow up, there will always be an inner child in us, yearning to be pampered and have fun. Remember how we used to play pretend when we were kids? I want to bring the same element of fun and joy into our daily lives by creating simple, effective, and fun products that easily fit into everyday beauty routines. 

With Fii Beauty, I hope it reminds you of the inner child in you who wants to be heard and seen and also eases the stress, disappointment, and burnout we experience daily by starting and winding down our day with fun!

We do not stop having fun because we grow old. We grow old because we stop having fun! So no matter your age, remember to have fun and be the inner child in you!

XOXO ♡