How To Wash & Clean Your Scrunchies

How To Wash & Clean Your Scrunchies

Scrunchies have been around since it was patented in 1987. Since it is a less damaging alternative for pulling hair up, it quickly rose to popularity. 

There was a resurgence in the popularity of scrunchies in the late 2010s due to people realising their benefits to hair health and the fact that they are absolutely cute and fashionable. Celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Madonna, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Selena Gomez have all been seen wearing scrunchies.

Hair scrunchies are hair accessories made from varying fabrics primarily used to hold hair, usually in a ponytail. It's more gentle for hair than other alternatives, such as hair clips or rubber ties. It usually has a band of fabric wrapped around an elastic band that you can use to secure your hair. 

Hair scrunchies can also curl your hair while keeping it intact. Because hair scrunchies are made of fabrics, you can wash them just like regular linen.

You might have more than one scrunchie, as they can play a major role in your outfit. Having scrunchies of different colours and fabrics gives you more options to accessorise and create a unique look that speaks to your personality. 

To keep your scrunchies in the best shape, let's discuss the different factors and reasons to consider how to wash scrunchies.

Things That Get Your Scrunchies Dirty

Whether you have one favourite scrunchie you regularly use, or whether you have multiple scrunchies, they will all eventually get dirty. It is important to know what you're washing off the scrunchies to identify what you need to clean off.

Oils And Sweat

Oil and sweat build-up are the main reasons to clean your scrunchie. Just like hair ties, your scrunchie gets all the oil that naturally flows from the roots of your hair to your tips. Sweat works the same way as the scrunchie might absorb all the sweat. All that build-up is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, making your scrunchie smelly.

Hair Products

Hair products such as gels, sprays, and mousse can also contribute to odours when not thoroughly washed. Most people use scrunchies to tie their hair and apply hair spray to keep their hair in a neat ponytail. Hair or styling products are harder to remove from scrunchies and need extra attention when hand washing.

Dirt And Debris

Wearing your scrunchie outdoors will contribute to it accumulating dirt and dust. You won't notice this after one or two days, but it will build up, and you’ll definitely notice when your scrunchies start to smell.

Food And Drinks

Though this might rarely happen, food and drink stains can still get on your scrunchie. The general rule when cleaning these is to rinse them beforehand if you're washing them along with other scrunchies. The food or beverage stuck to the scrunchie can stick to other scrunchies if huge parts haven't been washed off.

Advantages of Washing And Caring For Scrunchies

Some part of you might be telling you to just replace the scrunchies. It might feel like scrunchies are replaceable, just like some hair clips and accessories. However, whether you have an utterly replaceable scrunchie or an expensive scrunchie, these advantages would apply.

Saves Money

The price of buying new and affordable scrunchies can pile up. Even if it would only cost a few dollars, buying new ones whenever they're dirty will give you additional expenses. It's easier to save money by washing or taking care of your existing scrunchies.

Reduce Waste

Most scrunchies are made of fabrics. Throwing dirty scrunchies will just contribute to waste and pollution. Scrunchies are easy to wash, and you can avoid contributing to waste by washing them.

Maintains Its Quality

We just talked about some more disposable scrunchies, but maybe you have a scrunchie with high quality. Taking care of those types of scrunchies will help maintain their quality. Waiting for dirt and debris to build up before cleaning scrunchies is not a good idea, as cleaning them might require more damaging methods.

Personal Attachment

Simply cleaning and maintaining scrunchies helps keep them as close to their original form as possible. If you have a personal attachment to your scrunchie, taking care of it makes it last as long as possible.

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Step To Washing Scrunchies

Now that we've discussed the common things to clean off of scrunchies and the advantages of cleaning them, let's finally talk about how to wash them. The basic steps to washing scrunchies are as follows:

  1. The first is to check the care label. Different manufacturers add specific instructions and usually leave them on the care label. Such as whether it's okay to hand wash or machine wash their products or use warm water or cold water.
  2. Next is to get a basin or find a place to soak your scrunchies. Since scrunchies are small, even a plastic container will do as long as it can soak your scrunchies. Fill this receptacle with warm water and add a few drops of mild detergent or fabric softener. If you're washing your scrunchies far from home, you can use hair shampoo as a detergent.
  3. Once you have a receptacle filled with water and a mild detergent, you should soak your scrunchies for about 10 to 15 minutes. After soaking, you can wash your scrunchies by rubbing them together to remove dirt and oils.
  4. Once you're satisfied after a thorough hand wash, make sure you rinse the scrunchie with clean, cool water. Make sure you remove all soap suds and residue by squeezing the scrunchies and checking if bubbles form in the water.
  5. Dry the scrunchie by squeezing excess water and hanging it to air dry. Avoid using a dryer with high heat or exposing the scrunchie to direct sunlight, as it can shrink the fabric or fade its colours.

If you machine-wash your scrunchies, you can put them in a lingerie bag to avoid them tangling once it spins inside the washing machine. Also, don't forget to use a low or gentle cycle.

Special Care For Different Fabrics

Familiarising the different fabrics gives you a better understanding of washing scrunchies. Unlike other hair accessories, the fabric of hair scrunchies determines how you handle them. The following are general tips for different fabric types, and always check if your seller has special care instructions on their product.


Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and one of the most comfortable fabrics for scrunchies. You can use the general washing methods for this, and you can also use a washing machine for cotton scrunchies.


Polyester scrunchies are durable, and they don't wrinkle that much. You can hand wash them and dry them the same as the others, but make sure you don't go for temperatures past 110 Celsius.


Silk scrunchies are the ones you should take care of, as they are high-quality materials for scrunchies. High-quality scrunchies like those found here are made out of silk, and taking extra care of them will make them last the longest. These scrunchies best benefit when hand washed; you can also use special silk care detergent.


Nylon is made of a strong and stretchy fabric, making it easy to care for as you can machine wash these scrunchies. Just don't forget to treat them as delicate fabrics using a mild laundry detergent.

Cleaning Your Scrunchies

Aside from washing your scrunchies, you can clean them to maintain them. Sometimes you just washed them, but they accidentally fell on the floor, or maybe food debris stuck to them. For these occasions, simple cleaning methods are the best.

Spot Cleaning

For minor stains or dirt, you can spot-clean your scrunchies. Use a damp cloth or a sponge with some soap and gently scrub the area you wish to clean. Rinse the cloth or sponge and repeat if necessary.

Air Freshening

Sometimes, your scrunchies are damp from some sweat. It's best to hang scrunchies in a well-ventilated area if it's still clean but there's just some moisture on them.

Spray It With A Fabric Freshener

If you want to maintain cleanliness, you can spray your scrunchie with a fabric freshener. Do this before and after your day, and you can lessen your trips to the laundry room.

Conclusion On How To Wash Scrunchies

Washing scrunchies is the best way to keep them from wear and tear and to ensure you keep your favourite scrunchies lasting as long as possible. Aside from washing them, you can clean them to maintain their cleanliness.

We hope the tips and information will help you maintain the quality of your beloved scrunchie. Sometimes it's not just about saving money; taking care of something is preserving something you hold dear.

Frequently Asked Questions About
How To Wash Scrunchies

Is It Good To Wash Scrunchies?

Yes, you should clean your scrunchies regularly. They can collect dirt and oil, which depends on the fabric they're made out of.

How Frequent Should I Wash Scrunchies?

You should wash them once a month at a minimum. You can wash them once every two weeks if you frequently use them.

Are Scrunchies Healthy For Hair?

High-quality scrunchies like the ones used here will prevent damage to your hair. Most damage caused by hair accessories is from when you remove them, and high-quality scrunchies prevent this from happening.

Can I Wash Silk Scrunchies With Just Water?

Yes, you can clean them with just water. Fill your basin with cold water and gently rub your scrunchie to remove clinging debris. As long as there's not much dirt stuck to the fabric, it's okay to clean with water.

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