Different Types Of Fii Cloud Curlers: Thin Vs Thick

Different Types Of Fii Cloud Curlers: Thin Vs Thick

Having the right hair accessory can make all the difference when completing a hairstyle. They can help elevate and complete a desired look, making it more polished and put-together.

They can also serve a practical purpose, helping to keep hair in place, secure it back from the face, or add volume and texture to a style. Hair accessories are also a great way to express your personal style and add a touch of individuality to your look.

With Fii Cloud Curlers, you get all the style of a gorgeous silk scrunchie with the functional benefits of heatless curlers!

What Are Fii Cloud Curlers?

Fii Beauty Cloud Curlers are heatless curlers and scrunchies rolled into one gorgeous and stylish package! Get beautiful curls without the use of heat or any harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. This proven natural curling technique works on any type, whether it's thick and straight hair, or curled hair.

Every cloud curler is made from 100% Grade 6A 16MM Mulberry Silk, OEKO-TEX Certified. The silk ensures that there are reduced tangles and breakage. The silk also allows hair to retain its natural oils and moisture, leaving ZERO unwanted marks and dents on your hair.

Thin Or Thick Fii CloudCurler?

Fii Cloud Curlers come in two variants; thick and thin. This refers to the actual curler where you wrap your hair around, which is the fabric-covered foam on every cloud curler.

It might seem like a small thing, but using a thin or thick curler can lead to very different results!

Thick Cloud Curlers

Thick Cloud Curlers are best used for mid to long hair length. This allows you to achieve bigger curls for more volume.

If you have long hair, opting for big dramatic effortless curls is an excellent choice. The thick curls will make great use of your hair and will be a definite show-stopper.

Though you could always opt for a thin curler, having a lot of hair may prove to be difficult to wrap around the curler, which might lead to unwanted results.

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Thin Cloud Curlers

Thin Cloud Curlers are used if you prefer smaller or medium curls. It is also recommended for those with shorter hair, as it allows you to easily wrap your hair along the curler.

Since you have shorter hair, the smaller curls will add a lot of volume and fullness to your look. It also means that you can make use of the curler more efficiently as compared to thick curlers, where you might run out of hair before making it to the end!

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Having the right hair accessory is an important aspect of styling your hair, both for practical purposes and for adding style and personality to your look. Whether you're looking for a simple and functional accessory or a bold and fashionable accessory, there's a hair accessory out there to help you achieve the look you want.

The Fii Beauty Cloud Curler offers the best heatless curling solutions every single day without the use of heat or chemical perms. On top of that they look so cute and chic as well!

Fii Cloud Curler's curls look natural, and are safe for your hair so you can go crazy and opt for any kind of scrunchie hairstyle you wish!

So, look at your hair and think about what you want to achieve. Do you plan on getting a haircut any time soon? Or do you want to let it grow and sport a head of full and luscious hair?

Make every day a great hair day with perfectly styled hair! Only with Fii Cloud Curlers! Check out our collection of Scrunchies now!

Frequently Asked Questions About The
Different Types Of Fii Cloud Curlers

How Do You Use Heatless Curlers?

Hair is wrapped around the arch curler tightly, which is usually a fabric-covered foam and allowed to rest and take its shape. In time, the hair will naturally curl without the need for any heat or chemicals.

Do Heatless Curlers Work?

Yes, opting for heatless curlers is a wonderful option for those who desire to have curly hair without causing damage through heat. However, it is worth noting that it may take a bit of time for the curls to properly form.

Can Iron Curlers Damage Your Hair?

Excessive use of a curling iron and high heat can damage the keratin proteins in your hair which will cause it to be brittle and dry over time.

Are Heatless Curlers Better For Your Hair?

Yes, heatless curlers do away with using heat and chemicals, resulting in effortless curls. Since it allows hair to naturally curl, there is no threat of heat or chemical damage.

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